About my site

Hello there!

I have always enjoyed receiving mail, particularly now that electronic communications have taken over. I started collecting postcards a few years ago, and not long ago I also started collecting stamped covers. The easiest way of getting a stamped cover from another country is have someone send it to you, but another option is buy stamps from that country and once you have them, find out the correct postage and prepare yourself a nice cover addressed to you. When you are done, insert your cover into a larger envelope, and write a brief request asking what you want. You can send this to the local philatelic bureau or post office from where you want to get mail.

I hope this site will be of your interest, thanks for stopping by!

If you would like to send me something, or want to exchange a stamped cover with me, just let me know, you can reach me at: mypostalcards AT gmail DOT com

Or just send me something, and provide a return address.

Erick Alvarado
Apdo 1086-3000
Heredia 40101


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